About VisTab

VisTab is a New Zealand owned and operated company, and has been since our launch in May 2012. VisTab’s team is made up of successful business entrepreneurs, talented software developers, hardware engineers and support professionals. With our extensive knowledge of data security, understanding of visitor management, large corporates and small businesses, large and small contracting businesses, Schools, Government Departments, and Health and Safety requirements we can create a system for you that is both robust and easy to use.


VisTab is a complete management system. Depending on your needs, this could be a simple sign-in / sign-out tablet on the front desk, or a comprehensive procedure that replaces a pile of manuals and a series of clip boards.

Whether you are small to medium sized, or a multi national organisation with a fleet of vehicles, there is a high likelihood that VisTab can help reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

First Class Security

Our web console is locked down and all data is transferred over SSL, backed by 256-bit AES. “Front Desk” to you is just another unique ID to us. Your data is stored and replicated off-site, out of harm’s way.

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All data is password protected and transferred over a secure connection.

  • VisTab uses the latest encryption methods to transfer your data safely to our secure facility.
  • Improve security and safety with information going off site automatically.
  • Information is stored both locally and offsite in compliance with New Zealand legislation.
  • All data is password protected and transferred over a secure connection.
  • Only you have access to all your information by using your password.
  • Tablets are locked down to be only using the VisTab application.
  • Built in alarm to deter theft.
  • Help eliminate corporate theft by restricting people entering your premises.
  • Provides information on where, when and why visitors are on site.

Quick & Easy

Records can be viewed or downloaded at any time via our secure web interface from anywhere in the world. Quickly see who’s on site, browse through historical entries, or export the data to Microsoft® Excel® for advanced data manipulation and analytics. Your head office can make decisions based on data that is only minutes old and not days or even weeks. Sign in time at the tablet is minimal and is usually much faster than most pen and paper methods.

Cloud Based

Our system is Cloud Based, but unlike others, VisTab can also work without cloud / web access or supplied power. Your data is stored and replicated between off-site servers, so you are covered even in the event of a total facility loss.

In Case of Emergency

We designed our system to work when you need it the most – in an actual emergency. Capturing the correct information is vital for evacuation to be successful. VisTab has the tools to obtain exactly what you need to know.

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Fire, Earthquakes and other natural disasters can occur at any time – how will you know who was on-site?

VisTab can help in many ways.

  • All evacuation management begins when planning for a disaster. 
  • Know when and where visitors, contractors or staff signed in from.
  • Head counts from any mobile phone, internet capable device or the VisTab tablet.
  • Inform you which visitors require help to evacuate.
  • Access all information from the web interface, via any internet capable device if required.

Health & Safety

With VisTab you can display your company’s health and safety messages to your visitors, staff, contractors or anyone who comes into your business or site.

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VisTab allows all your visitors to agree to your Health and Safety messages. Have a hazard that you need to make people aware of this week only? You can easily change your health and safety message as required.

Works Out the Box

VisTab provides a bespoke solution to each business. Our team will work with you to have the set up completed before it arrives to you. Alterations can be ongoing but you can be assured that after your hassle-free setup you will have zero on-going maintenance.


We can set your VisTab system up to suit you. You can ask any number of questions at sign-in or sign-out. Your question sets can be edited at any time via our secure web interface. Forms you may use in your business can be digitised and inserted into your specific layout.


The sleek VisTab tablet is there to make your business look great, not ours. Display your logos, upcoming events, and health and safety messages where everyone can see them. Images can be uploaded at any time via our secure web interface.

What More Can VisTab Do?

Pretty much anything. If you can think it, we can get it to work for you, talk to us about the possibilities.

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