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Privacy and Security
VisTab Privacy & Security Policy
VisTab is conscious of legal requirements around personal data and the protection of this. As such, if you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), your data protection rights are important to us. VisTab Limited takes reasonable steps to allow you to correct, amend, delete or limit the use of your Personal Information.
For more information please see our Privacy & Security Policy.
How secure is the data on VisTab?
Data Hosting and Storage:
Our data and servers are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) datacentres located in Sydney
AWS datacenters are ISO 27001 certified. For more information regarding this please see here:
For more information please see this link
We utilize Load Balancers to provide stable services protected with up-to-date HTTPS standards (TLS 1.2 with a strong AWS certificate)
We store files and data securely at rest using AWS S3 and RDS Key-based encryption
Interaction data on our tablets is encrypted, and the devices are managed through a secure MDM system with strict security policies
Our tablet uses JWT Token based authentication and HTTPS to connect securely to our web portal
All our servers and database are backed up securely and continuously and use version control
Continuous Delivery:
We use a continuous delivery system with multiple server subsets (development, testing, production) to ensure quick delivery of features and secure separation of live production servers
The payment and finance systems we use are all highly focused on security these include:
Windcave for credit card payments –
Third Party Integration
Does VisTab integrate with any School Management System?
Find out more about how VisTab integrates with Hero here: Hero Integration with VisTab
Does VisTab integrate with any Childcare Management System?
Go Digital (Infocare)
If you’re already an Infocare client that needs support please email Infocare OR contact them on 0508 463 622.
What other Third Party provider does VisTab work with?
VisTab integrates with Vault (Vault Intel) to manage your Staff list.
How do I order more printer rolls?
Please visit our online shop to order more printer rolls.
Can I print in colour?
Yes, the Brother QL-820NWB allows you to print in Black & Red which is the only available colour. It requires a special printer roll which we can supply. Contact us for more information and pricing.
Can we run reports from the VisTab System?
Yes you can. From the VisTab web portal you can simply view your own reports, time-sheets, and completed forms that have been filled in from the tablet, ie Toolbox talks, induction forms.

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